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Exterior Door Installation Mistakes To Avoid

Posted June 25, 2023

Installing a new exterior door can be a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home, increase efficiency and boost security. However, if the door is not installed properly, it can cause a wide range of problems such as air leakage, water damage and security risks. Fortunately, choosing a qualified contractor will help you avoid these problems and ensure the best exterior door installation.

Below are some common exterior door installation mistakes to watch out for.

Mistake #1. Improper Measuring

Improper measuring can lead to an improperly fitted door that allows drafts and water to enter the home. To avoid this mistake, the door frame should be measured accurately. The height and width should be measured at multiple points, and any irregularities should be noted.

When Woodhaven installs exterior doors, we take precise measurements of the height, weight and depth of the door frame. We also consider the swing direction of the door and the placement of hinges, handles and locks. This way, we can guarantee the best results for our customers.

Mistake #2. Inadequate Insulation

Keep in mind that your home’s exterior doors can be a significant source of energy loss! Installing a door without proper insulation can cause you to waste energy and pay higher utility bills. Be sure to choose a door that has excellent insulation properties, such as foam insulation or foam tape.

Woodhaven will install weatherstripping to seal gaps between the door and the frame, and we install insulation around the exterior door. This will enhance your door’s ability to maintain temperature control inside the home.

Mistake #3. Incorrect Installation

A door that is not installed correctly may not close properly, or it may even fall off the frame. While there are DIY videos on how to install exterior doors, this job is best left to the professionals.

A qualified contractor will not only install your door correctly, but also ensure proper alignment and leveling for beauty, security and functionality. Plus, you should receive a warranty on labor in case an issue turns up later.

Mistake #4. Poor Sealing

In addition to the weatherstripping and insulation, your exterior door should also be caulked and sealed. This ensures that water and drafts are kept out of your home. Unfortunately, improper sealing and caulking is a common problem for DIY installations, leading to gaps that let in moisture and drafts.

Mistake #5. Wrong Hardware

To ensure the best protection possible, your exterior door should use high quality locks, hinges and screws. Always choose hardware that is designed for outdoor use since these are made to handle harsh weather conditions. It’s not uncommon for door hardware to only include the basics, so make sure you’re getting everything you need at the same time. Additional purchases are likely.

Installing an exterior door requires careful planning and attention to detail. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can ensure the installation of a door that is secure, efficient and beautiful. Contact Woodhaven today to discuss our door installation services and how they can improve your home!

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