Wainscoting is one of the more popular paneling styles. It’s applied to the lower part of an interior wall, above the baseboard or skirting board. It’s traditionally constructed from tongue-and-groove boards, though beadboards or decorative panels are also common. New manufacturing techniques can mill large panels from one sheet, reducing seams, caulking, and expansion/contraction cracks.

Many people confuse the terms wainscoting and beadboard. Wainscoting is wood paneling used for centuries as both decorative accents, insulation and to prevent (and cover up) water damage walls. Beadboard is one of the many wood options that you can choose to wainscot your wall. It is a row of narrow wood planks that lines up vertically.

There are many paneling styles and details to consider. You can trust our knowledgeable experts to help you find the panel system that’s right for your home project.