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3 Signs it’s Time to Install New Doors

Posted February 03, 2021

Could it be time to replace your front door? It’s possible!

Front doors usually don’t last as long as people want them to, especially when they’re unprotected or exposed. New Jersey has some harsh weather and this can take a toll on your doors and windows.

As the entrance to your home, there’s no question that you want your front door to look beautiful and inviting. Read on to discover three signs that it’s time to install new doors in your home.

1. Presence of Moisture, Mold and Mildew

Are you surprised to learn that you can get mold and mildew in your front door? It can happen! And if your door has double-paned glass in it, it can develop moisture issues over time. What happens is that the seal can weaken and break, allowing moisture to seep through and create problems.

Any type of mold, moisture or mildew needs to be addressed right away. Without prompt attention, mold can spread quickly, especially if your door is made from an organic material like wood. If you want to preserve your door, contact a mold remediation specialist to see if this is possible.

2. Wasted Energy

Your doors keep your home safe and protected, but they also play a critical role in preserving energy. Unfortunately, anything that throws off your door’s alignment can create gaps that allow air to come through. This means that your home will be less comfortable and efficient, and your energy bills will be higher.

Sometimes, it’s just the weatherstripping or door frame that needs to be replaced. Other times, you’ll need a whole new door. To cut back on wasted energy, speak with a door installation service that can recommend the best solutions for you. You’ll get to enjoy a new front door, a reduction in your energy bills and a more comfortable home.

3. Poor Appearance

Your doors contribute to your home’s curb appeal. If any of them are worn, faded or covered in dings, scratches and scuffs, it’s time to refresh them with something new. Rust is also a sign that your door has been affected by a moisture problem, which weakens its structure and makes your home look more appealing to burglars.

Talk to a door installation specialist who can suggest new front, side and patio doors for your home. In a single purchase, you’ll be able to enhance your home’s curb appeal, increase efficiency and deter burglars from targeting your property.

Contact Woodhaven for Door Installation Services

There’s a difference between wanting a new front door and needing one. Sometimes, updating your doors is a necessity rather than a luxury. As you begin shopping for new doors, contact Woodhaven for assistance. We have a great selection of high quality doors at reasonable prices, and if you buy with Woodhaven, we’ll handle all the servicing and installation.

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