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Takeoffs & I-Joist Placement Plans

We understand it’s important to have a clear estimate of a project from the start. That’s why, as part of our services, we offer Takeoffs & I-Joist Placement Plans to give you a better understanding of materials and cost.

Our Takeoffs & I-Joist Placement Plans services can give you a clear picture of the materials you’ll need, and the overall cost of your project. A takeoff is a list of materials and types that are required to complete your desired project. 

Simply give us your set of blueprints and we will provide an estimated list of framing lumber, windows, exterior and interior millwork, as well as all the other building materials that are part of our extensive product line.

We also offer I-Joist Placement Plans for your floor system to give assurance that you’re getting the right products for the job. As part of this service, Woodhaven will generate a floor layout with all materials labeled and listed with lengths, sizes and locations. This type of service is also available for roof and floor trusses which are manufactured at our Lakewood facility.

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