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Blog | The Top Andersen Window Styles for Your Home

The Top Andersen Window Styles for Your Home

Posted October 02, 2023

Andersen windows are excellent products that provide homeowners with quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency and innovative designs. The company also tests, retests and tests their windows again and again to ensure the highest quality products for homeowners, builders, contractors and architects. For these reasons, Woodhaven is proud to not only carry Andersen Windows & Doors, but also be a Certified Contractor.

Let’s explore the top Andersen window styles to consider for your home. You can visit one of our showrooms to see these windows in person. Pictures don’t do them justice!

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their versatility and practicality. They feature two operational sashes that can be moved up or down, allowing for ventilation either from the top, bottom, or both.

Their capacity to provide dual-directional airflow, along with their attractive appearance and low maintenance requirements, positions double-hung windows as an excellent choice for individuals seeking both functionality and aesthetics in their window selection. Double-hung windows are also one of the most common windows in America.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are hinged on the side and open outward to the left or right. This allows for full ventilation, making them a great choice for above sinks or in bathrooms where you need a lot of airflow. They also work well over a kitchen sink because they can work around obstructions, such as the faucet.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have hinges at the top of the frame, allowing the window to swing outward from the bottom. They work well in rooms that need airflow while also maintaining privacy.

Picture Windows

Picture windows offer an obstructed view of your surroundings, and let in plenty of natural light. However, they do not open and close like other windows. Instead, picture windows feature a single pane of glass without rails to maximize the view. They can be combined with windows that do open if your room requires airflow. They’re also highly efficient.

Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are most often used in living rooms and bedrooms. They offer an excellent view along with a cozy nook that provides extra space in the room. These elegant windows are created with three or more windows, such as casement, double-hung or picture windows. This gives you plenty of freedom to choose your look.

Frames, Grilles and Glass Types

Not only does Andersen have plenty of window styles to choose from, but also you can further customize your windows by choosing your frame material and color, grille patterns and glass type.

  • Frame options. Vinyl, wood, composite (Fibrex), aluminum and fiberglass are all suitable frame options for NJ homes.
  • Glass options. Create more privacy and efficiency with the right type of glass. Some options include dual-pane glass, triple-pane glass, low-E glass and glass that offers thermal performance.
  • Frame colors. Popular colors to pick from include black, brown, white and cream, though there are plenty more to consider for your project!
  • Grille patterns. Andersen lets you choose from a number of grille patterns, such as colonial, prairie, diamond, short fractional and tall fractional.

Increase Home Value with New Andersen Windows

By being aware of the different window styles you can purchase from Andersen, it’s easier to make an informed decision for your home. The Andersen Certified Contractors from Woodhaven will help you with the purchase and installation of your new windows. Contact us today for an in-home estimate!

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