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Blog | The Best Hardwood Flooring Installation for Homes with Heavy Traffic

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The Best Hardwood Flooring Installation for Homes with Heavy Traffic

Posted September 22, 2022

Hardwood flooring has many benefits over other types of flooring like carpet or tile. Despite the technical advancements in other flooring materials, hardwood is still king. It’s exceptionally beautiful and it does a fantastic job of bringing an elegant, high-end look to any home. Plus, hardwood is relatively easy to dust and keep clean.

What many people worry about, however, is how well hardwood will stand up to daily wear and tear. This is especially a concern for busy households with kids and pets. All of that foot traffic can do a number to any floor! Fortunately, wood flooring is durable and long lasting. Due to new advancements in finishes, you can expect a new era of hardwood.

Below are the factors to consider when picking the best hardwood flooring for your busy home.

Hardwood Species

Since hardwood is made from natural materials, there are varying degrees of hardness. For flooring, we recommend choosing hardwood over softwood. Examples include oak, maple and exotics like Brazilian cherry. These materials have a harder density than softwoods, making them more solid and durable.

Consider that oak weighs between 37 and 56 pounds per cubic foot, while pine weighs between 22 and 35 pounds. Plus, the heaviness and thickness of these floorboards will provide you with a more shock-absorbing, comfortable floor to walk on.

Prefinished Floorboards

Both prefinished and unfinished hardwood are great options for a home with heavy traffic. Some people prefer unfinished hardwood because a scratched or damaged board can be individually sanded and refinished. You also have much more control over the design process.

That being said, prefinished hardwood has come a long way over the years. Installing these floorboards is fast and easy, and furniture can be placed on the floor immediately after installation. This is great news if you're working on your main floor! You can also easily repair a prefinished floor.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is generally more solid than hardwood because of all the layers. It’s also dimensional, meaning that it won’t reach moisture like a solid wood product can. This is why you’ll see engineered hardwood floors installed in basements, bathrooms and kitchens.

It’s important to note that engineered hardwood is still made out of real wood - it’s not fake wood. It looks very similar to real wood on the surface, with the difference being the plywood in the middle. The floorboards also tend to be wider and are almost always sold prefinished.

Woodhaven has a wide variety of products, and most are readily available. We can also order other species such as maple, hickory and walnut. Contact us today to learn more about our beautiful hardwood flooring options and how they can accommodate your busy household!

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