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Blog | The Benefits of Professional Andersen Windows Installation

The Benefits of Professional Andersen Windows Installation

Posted March 11, 2024

Upgrading your home with high-quality windows is a significant investment that can enhance both its aesthetics and functionality. Among the top choices in the market, Andersen Windows stands out for its reputation for durability, energy efficiency, craftsmanship and competitive prices.

While choosing the right windows is crucial, the importance of professional installation cannot be overstated. Let’s explore the numerous benefits of opting for professional Andersen Windows installation.

Andersen Certified Contractors

Woodhaven is an independent, installing dealer of Andersen Windows. We are NOT Renewal by Andersen. We pride ourselves on this, as not all contractors are dealers of Andersen Windows. Unlike others, we have support from Andersen as a dealer. We are also a certified service provider, making us the only dealer in the state that is a dealer, installer AND servicer of Andersen Windows.

Also, by being an independent, installing dealer of Andersen Windows, you can expect unsurpassed experience and expertise. Our installers are trained to handle the intricacies of window installation, ensuring that every step is executed with precision. They can also navigate potential challenges, such as fitting windows into unique architectural spaces or addressing unforeseen issues that may arise during installation.

Correct Measurement and Customization

One of the key advantages of professional Andersen Windows installation is the accurate measurement of your window openings. Precise measurements are crucial to ensuring a proper fit, optimal energy efficiency and a seamless appearance. Professional installers will take the time to measure your windows correctly, and if needed, they can customize Andersen Windows to fit specific dimensions, providing a tailored solution for your home.

Wide Range of Options

Andersen has a wide range of windows to choose from, including the 100 Series, 200 Series, 400 Series, A-Series and E-Series. You can learn about the different options here. Andersen has something for every budget and home, as well as windows that can be customized with unlimited colors, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Additionally, there are various glass options to pick from depending on the needs of your home. Some of the factors to consider are the direction your home faces, the exposure it gets and the conditions inside the home. Ask us about UV blocking glass and heat locking glass, as these may be great options for your property.

Increased Lifespan and Durability

Andersen Windows are known for their durability, longevity and energy efficiency. Professional installation enhances these qualities by ensuring that the windows are securely and correctly installed with an airtight seal. Proper installation also reduces the risk of issues such as leaks, condensation and premature wear and tear, ultimately extending the lifespan of your windows and maximizing their performance over time.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, professional Andersen Windows installation contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. Expert installers pay attention to details such as alignment, symmetry and finish, creating a visually pleasing result. The seamless integration of Andersen Windows into your home's design enhances its curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers - and creating a bit of envy along the way!

Extensive Warranties

Another important benefit of professional Andersen Windows installation is the extensive warranty you will receive. Due to the resilience of their products, they are able to provide some of the best warranties in the industry. They are even transferable if you should sell your home, which is a big selling point for buyers. You can learn more about Andersen’s Owner-2-Owner limited warranties here.

Plan Your Andersen Windows Install

Investing in Andersen Windows is a smart choice for homeowners seeking durable, energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing windows. However, the benefits of these premium windows can only be fully realized through professional installation.

By entrusting the installation process to the skilled and experienced professionals at Woodhaven, you can ensure the proper fit of your Andersen Windows, along with increased energy efficiency, longevity and peace of mind. We also strive to maintain the original fit and not install smaller windows in openings. Contact Woodhaven for an estimate and more detailed information.

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