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Replacement Vs Construction Windows: Here’s What is Right for You

Posted January 01, 2023

When buying windows for your home, you have two main options: replacement windows and new construction windows. With replacement windows, the existing frame is left within the wall and you end up with a slightly smaller window. A new construction window involves replacing the entire window and frame.

Many factors go into determining if a replacement can be used, which has significant cost savings, or if a new construction window needs to be used. Let’s learn more about the two different types of windows so that you can make an informed decision for your home.

Replacement Windows

Also referred to as retrofit windows, replacement windows have been developed so that a contractor does not have to remove the exterior materials of the home to install the new window. This makes the project faster and easier, resulting in time and cost savings.

The two main types of replacement windows, insert replacement windows and full-frame replacement windows. When dealing with insert replacement windows, the interior and exterior trim remain in place and the new unit is simply placed into the existing opening. A full-frame window installation includes removing and replacing the interior and exterior trim. During the installation of a complete window replacement, the entire unit is removed, exposing a rough opening of framing studs like in a new home construction.

Replacement windows give you all the benefits of new windows - enhanced security and safety, increased home value, improved comfort and efficiency - while also being cheaper, faster and easier to install. This makes them a great choice if you have time or budget restraints.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows are used when building new homes or home additions, as well as during home remodeling projects. Since the studs of the home are exposed, the window is installed on the frame using a nail fin frame.

While a new construction window installation in NJ is more time consuming and labor intensive, there are distinct benefits to choosing them over replacement windows. First off, they offer improved insulation and weather-tightness, which is essential for coastal locations. Plus you have the option to install a bigger window or a different type of window.

Which is Best for You: Replacement or New Construction Windows?

There are many factors that influence the type of windows you should install. Some of them are in your control, and others are not. For example, some older homes have elaborate woodwork and trim that you may not want to mess with, making replacement windows the better choice. Coastal homes, on the other hand, often do best with new construction windows because they are exposed to the elements and require superior insulation.

Replacement windows are cheaper, but they are not always the best solution. Since you are making an investment either way, it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of both types of windows so that you put your money into the right places. At Woodhaven, our experts will recommend what we feel is truly best for your project. You can then make the final decision.

Woodhaven is proud to be a certified contractor of Andersen Windows. We also carry Ply Gem and Silver Line windows. Contact us today to explore your options for high-quality replacement and new construction windows.

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