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Blog | How to Prep for Installing New Prefinished Floors in Your House?

How to Prep for Installing New Prefinished Floors in Your House?

Posted February 17, 2021

Are you planning on installing new flooring in your home? Congratulations! It’s amazing how the little things become so exciting when you’re an adult homeowner. But before you have your new floors installed, there are some preparations you’ll need to make.

By following the tips below, you can ensure a smooth and seamless flooring installation process. Best of all, you can start enjoying your new floors sooner rather than later! Let’s dig in!

Finish Other Home Remodeling Tasks

The flooring should be the last thing you do. If you have walls to paint, lights to hang or other general repairs, complete these tasks first. You don’t want to risk scratching, staining or damaging your new flooring. Unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen. People can’t wait to bring their projects together and they end up installing their new prefinished floors too soon.

Remove the Current Flooring

Find out who is responsible for ripping out your old flooring. If you’re hiring a company to install your floors, they’ll probably handle this for you for an added charge or include it in their overall price. If you’re doing the work yourself or you’re trying to save money, you can probably remove the floors yourself.

One word of caution, though. If you’re not the original homeowner, there could be a few surprises underneath. For instance, the previous owners might have installed laminate or vinyl planks right over sheet vinyl or tile. In order to lay new prefinished floors, you’ll need a clean, level subfloor. In addition to the flooring, baseboards and door frames must be removed.

Move Your Furniture

As long as your whole house isn’t getting new flooring, you should be able to move your furniture into other rooms. If your project is bigger or you’re getting new floors throughout your home, consider storing your furniture in a garage, shed or storage unit. Some people even rent storage pods for this purpose. This way, you can get the work done without any obstructions and protect your furniture in the process.

Secure Your Pets

This is an afterthought for some people, but we can’t stress it enough. Workers will be coming in and out of your home all day, so it’s important that your pets are safe and secure during the renovation. Even birds and small animals may need to be moved, as they have sensitive respiratory systems that can be aggravated from the dust.

Having new flooring installed is sure to change the look of your home. Woodhaven offers an extensive collection of high-end flooring such as luxury vinyl, hardwood and laminate. Contact us today to view our flooring options. We provide free consultations, estimates and samples to make your job easier!

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