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Decking Design Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

Posted July 31, 2020

Thinking about building a new deck or renovating your current structure? There are many trends you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure your project turns out beautiful and is conducive to your wants, needs and lifestyle.

When you hire a company like Woodhaven to supply the materials for your deck, you can expect top quality craftsmanship coupled with the latest trends in design and materials. Below are some of the hottest decking design trends our customers have been asking for. Hopefully they will give you some inspiration!

Covered Decks

Covered decks are similar to pergolas because both offer shade and rain protection. This coverage is a huge benefit, especially here in New Jersey where we see all four seasons (sometimes in the same day!).

Enclosed decks are also great if you plan on having expensive appliances and devices outdoors such as TVs and stereo equipment. Additional features that may be installed on these decks include ceiling fans, recessed lighting, glass windows or screens.

Large, Multi-Story Decks

Decks are getting bigger - and raised decks are back in. Even though they’re more work to care for, these structures add valuable square footage onto the home. You can also split up the deck so that it has a little something for everyone. For example, you can install an outdoor kitchen on the upper deck and a seating area and TV on the lower deck.

Industrial Look

Some people are moving away from the traditional, rustic-looking decks and choosing an industrial or modern deck design instead. This style features clean lines, angular shapes and cool colors. But don’t think that the deck has to be entirely modern. We’ve had customers choose steel railings, wooden pillars and gray wood floors for a cohesive design.

Shades of Blue and Gray

Another design trend that fits with the industrial look is shades of gray and blue. These colors are generally muted and blend well with the rest of the home, though don’t be afraid to go with a brighter color. It all depends on what your home exterior looks like, as your deck should appear as an extension of your home.

Outdoor Kitchens

To go along with outdoor living, more homeowners are opting for outdoor kitchens. This way, they can grill and hang out on their deck without having to go in and out of their home, meaning less mess, easier entertaining and lower energy bills. Plus, you can add unique appliances in an outdoor kitchen such as brick pizza ovens, hibachi grills and smokers.

See something on this list that you love? By working with Woodhaven, you can expect all of your needs to be met under one roof. We have a firm understanding of the best lumber and composite decking materials for outdoor decks, as well as how to incorporate the latest trends into your design. Contact us today for an estimate.

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