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Blog | 5 Signs You Need to Replace The Windows

5 Signs You Need to Replace The Windows

Posted January 31, 2022

Are you thinking about replacing your windows? Many homeowners dread this job because of the inconvenience and expense. But windows aren’t something you can just live without. You depend on them to keep your home safe, secure and comfortable.

For instance, did you know that windows lose more heat per square foot than any other surface in the home? Windows occupy 15 to 20 percent of the surface area of your walls, so it’s really not that surprising. It’s just something that we don’t think about often.

Knowing that your windows play a significant role in the heating and cooling of your home, it’s imperative that they are in good condition. Here are five telltale signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

1. Feeling Drafts through your Windows

When you sit by the window, do you feel cold drafts coming through? This is an indication that your window seals are damaged. Even if you throw on a blanket, you’re still letting all your warm air out, making your home less efficient (and expensive!). One of the first signs that there’s a problem is high utility bills. Not just expensive utilities - but bills that have unexpectedly and significantly increased. As the panes reach the end of their lifespan, cracks and leaks start to form, letting out warm air while bringing in the cold.

2. Difficulty Operating the Windows

When it’s a nice day and you want to air out the home, how easy are your windows to work with? Most aging windows develop balance issues, which lead to jamming and sticking. But this isn’t the way windows are supposed to operate! New windows will slide open and close, plus be easy to clean.

3. Condensation Inside the Window

Throughout the year, you might also notice “sweat” inside the glass panes. This happens because of broken seals, but it can lead to mold and mildew problems. Plus, interior condensation like this prevents you from getting a clear view of the outdoors - which is what windows are for!

4. Decay on the Outside Frames

In New Jersey, we’re no strangers to extreme weather like heavy rains, strong winds, snow and ice. But this weather takes its toll on windows. When this happens, you’ll notice that the outside frames suffer cracks, chips, rotting, mold and decay. A repair won’t cut it - you need a new window installation to support your home.

5. Audible Noise Outside

Do you hear every noise coming from the outside? You might think that it’s thin walls, but it could actually be your windows. New windows will provide you with proper insulation to reduce sound transfer and make your space quieter and more relaxing.

While there are many replacement windows on the market, we highly recommend Andersen Windows due to their quality, longevity and efficiency. With so many styles, materials, glass options and color patterns, our certified window installation experts can help you choose the perfect windows for your project.

Woodhaven is a Certified Contractor and Professional Dealer of Andersen Windows and Doors. We are not part of or affiliated with renewal by Andersen. Read more about the difference here.

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