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Blog | 5 Excellent Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

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5 Excellent Tips to Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

Posted August 29, 2022

Now that you’ve invested money into your new hardwood flooring, you’ll want to keep it looking like new for as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your wood floors to last for at least ten years. Not only will you extend the lifespan of your floors, but also you’ll enjoy more beautiful looking floors that aren’t riddled with deep scratches.

To help you maintain your hardwood floors, here are five tips to follow.

1. Clean Up Spills Immediately

When spills happen on your wood floors, clean them up immediately. Because wood is a porous material, it absorbs moisture. Not only can this cause stains, but also it can lead to buckling and cupping. As long as you catch the spill early, a quick wipe (and maybe a bit of cleaning solution) is all you need to protect your floors.

2. Use a Dust Mop to Remove Dirt

Dust mops are the preferred way to clean hardwood because they’re soft and effective at collecting dust, dirt, sand, pet dander and other debris. They also eliminate some of the problems that you can experience with vacuum cleaning, such as scuffing or spreading dirt. However, vacuums can reach dirt in cracks and corners, so ultimately you’ll need a combination of both.

3. Purchase Area Rugs

As a hardwood floor owner, you'll want to get into the habit of using area rugs around your home. Area rugs decrease the noise in your space and offer some of the comforts that you might miss from previously having carpet. Area rugs are also beneficial to your floors, as they’ll keep them safe and protected from normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas.

4. Use Furniture Padding

Furniture pads are fixed to the bottom of chairs and other furniture to prevent the legs from scratching and denting the floors. Immediately after your hardwood flooring installation, check your furniture to see if they have pads. If they don’t, apply them immediately. If they do, make sure the pads are in good, clean and sturdy condition.

5. Avoid Polish and Wax

Depending on the material of your hardwood floors, you may want to skip any polishing or waxing. Engineered hardwood, wood laminate and luxury vinyl wood planks should not be polished. These products have a finish that won’t absorb wax, so polishing them will lead to dullness and buildup.

With proper installation and routine maintenance, you can prolong the lifespan of your hardwood floors. Contact Woodhaven to speak with our hardwood flooring experts. We’d love to show you how hardwood floors can add significant value - and beauty! - to your home.

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