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Blog | 5 Creative Crown Moulding Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home Decor


5 Creative Crown Moulding Design Ideas to Elevate Your Home Decor

Posted July 05, 2023

Notes: This blog post can showcase different crown moulding design ideas, including unique patterns, colors, and finishes, to inspire readers to get creative with their home decor.


  • Crown moulding is a versatile architectural feature that adds elegance, character and beauty to any space.
  • Whether your home is traditional or modern, crown moulding will have no problem enhancing your space and making it appear more polished. Crown moulding can also help in practical ways, such as by covering up imperfections in between the wall and ceiling.
  • Let’s cover five creative crown moulding design ideas that will elevate your home decor in ways that you haven’t thought of before!


  1. Classic Elegance. Give the home a timeless and sophisticated look with classic crown moulding with intricate details and gentle curves. You can also layer pieces of crown moulding to add depth and dimension.
  2. Modern Simplicity. For a minimalist approach, choose moulding with clean lines. This will create a seamless transition between the walls and ceiling. Or, add a modern twist with geometric patterns on the moulding.
  3. Ceiling Enhancements. Crown moulding can be used to accentuate ceilings. Coffered ceilings, for example, can be enhanced by framing each coffer with moulding. Crown moulding also looks great when paired with tray ceilings.
  4. Unique Applications. Crown moulding isn’t just for ceilings! You can use it to frame out built-in shelving or cabinets to give them a finished look. Or, you can use moulding around a fireplace mantel to draw attention to this focal point.
  5. Color Contrasts. White isn’t the only color for crown moulding. You can also play around with other colors and finishes, such as metallic finishes in copper, gold or silver tones, as well as various colors like black, gray, cream and even bold colors like purple or green.


Crown moulding can help transform the look and feel of your home by adding a touch of elegance, architectural charm and visual interest. No matter which style you prefer - traditional, modern or eclectic - there is a design and color to match your needs. To learn more about embracing this upgrade for your home, contact Woodhaven today.

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