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Blog | 5 Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

5 Benefits of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Posted September 14, 2019

When installing a brand new floor in your home, solid hardwood is an excellent choice. More and more homeowners are turning to this type of flooring because it’s clean and easy to maintain. It also has a way of connecting homeowners to the great outdoors, as each plank comes from nature and has a story to tell. We can say with confidence that no two solid hardwood floors are the same.

As you consider various flooring options for your home, here are the benefits to choosing solid hardwood.

1. Low Maintenance

Hardwood flooring in NJ is incredibly easy to maintain, especially compared to carpet and porous tiles that tend to trap dirt and debris. Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the cleaning products you use, but in general, hardwood can be swept, steam cleaned or vacuumed. Let the neighbors drop by! Your floors will look stunning through all seasons.

2. All Natural

Solid hardwood flooring has no repeating patterns as you might find with store-bought laminate or vinyl. Each board is unique, which means your hardwood pattern will be distinct to your home. Furthermore, solid hardwood is all natural. It contains no chemicals like glues and resins that are sometimes found in cheaper flooring alternatives.

3. Adds Value

Whether you plan on selling your home one day or keeping it in the family, it’s smart to invest in updates that add value to the property. Fortunately, solid hardwood flooring is one of them. Today’s homebuyers, many of which are Millennials and Gen Xers, see the worth in this type of flooring and are willing to pay 3%-5% more for the upgrade.

4. Allergy Friendly

If anyone in your home has allergies, solid hardwood is the best choice. First, wood has antibacterial properties because the wood binds up water, which bacteria needs to grow. Second, hardwood flooring does not trap dander, pollen, dust or other allergens. It’s easy to clean and vacuum, reducing allergy symptoms in sufferers. Lastly, the cleanliness of the wood boosts indoor air quality.

5. Timeless Appeal

Tired of replacing your flooring every time the trends change? Hardwood is timeless and never grows out of style. You can, however, change the color of the hardwood by sanding down the finish and restaining it. This project breathes new life into wood floors without the need for an expensive and labor-intensive flooring installation in NJ.

Solid hardwood floors bring warmth and elegance to homes of all styles and ages. For the finest hardwood selections, contact the flooring experts at Woodhaven Lumber.

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