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3 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Closet

Posted March 07, 2020

3 Things to Consider When Building a Custom Closet

Are[JW1] you ready to enhance youreveryday life with a stylish, custom closet? Woodhaven is excited to offerpersonalized storage solutions that are tailored to our customers’ uniquelifestyles. We offer a wide range of styles, finishes, and accessories thatallow us to design ideal storage solutions. Whether you’re looking forfunctional organization or a complete custom closet, we will exceed yourhighest expectations.

To ensure you get the best closet foryour unique lifestyle, here are three considerations to keep in mind.

1. Select the right company.

A quick Google search will turn up many different custom closet solutions, but not all are created equal. Make sure the company you hire hasexperience building custom closets. They should have a credible reputation andlots of positive feedback. This lets you know that their service andcraftsmanship aligns with your needs.

Additionally, the company you chooseshould have friendly and personable sales associates. Remember, you’ll beinviting people into your home to learn about your lifestyle. You want someonewho is going to listen and respect your time. Lastly, always ask who will bedesigning and installing your closet. Are they employees of the company orsubcontractors?

2. Think outside the box.

Many people are surprised to learn justhow versatile a custom closet can be. A good company will help you entertainall of your options, ranging from walk-in closets, to reach-in closets towardrobes[JW2] to pantries. Think beyond what you see onlineor even on Pinterest. When you pay for custom closet design andinstallation, the sky’s the limit!

At Woodhaven, we can work with any oddlyshaped closet and turn it into something that is usable and functional. Beforeyou know it, that closet you didn’t know what to do with will soon be a greatspace for storage!

3. Assess the quality of the materials.

Make sure your closet is made from the highest quality materials andhardware. Many of today’s products are made fromcheap materials to keep costs down and make installation easier. Unfortunately,these products don’t last as long and may start showing signs of wear and tearwithin a few years.

Woodhaven is committed to using premiummaterials and hardware. We have a large selection of features to choose from,as well as 3D rendering technology to help you envision what your new spacewill look like. If your needs change down the line, give us a call and we’ll behappy to handle any modifications for you. We strive for long-termrelationships with our customers.

PersonalizedStorage Solutions for Your Unique Lifestyle

As you can see, closets can be much more than aplace to hang clothes. They can be custom made to suit your unique lifestylewhether you have kids or pets, are an active person or are trying to increasestorage in your home. For a free quote on a new closet system, contactWoodhaven’s custom closet team at 848-222-2320 or

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