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Why Should You Consider Custom Reach-In Closets

Posted February 01, 2023

Reach-in closet systems are the most common type of storage in most homes. You can’t walk into them like you can their walk-in counterparts, but you can reach into them to get what you need. Most homes have at least one reach-in closet, and they’re often found in the bedrooms or on the first floor as a traditional coat closet.

While basic, reach-in closets can be so much more than a rod, shelf and door. These closets can also be custom designed to maximize space and accommodate your storage needs. Let’s cover the reasons why you should consider having a custom closet in NJ of your own!

Add Customizable Storage

Just like walk-in closets, reach-in closets have plenty of opportunities for customization. For instance, you can add built-in drawers, adjustable shelves, accessory trays, tilt-out baskets and shoe racks. By installing these storage options, you can maximize the space in your closet. Aside from your wardrobe, you can also store your shoes, accessories and jewelry all in one place!

Keep Things Within Easy Reach

When you have an organized closet, it’s easy to keep things within reach. Reach-in closets, in particular, must have some type of organization system to keep things in check. Otherwise, everything piles up and it becomes time-consuming to get ready in the mornings. Fortunately, a reach-in closet allows you to open up the door and see everything at once, streamlining your morning routine.

Consolidate Your Wardrobe

Too often, closets become dumping grounds for mess and clutter. Because it can take hours and hours to go through all of this and organize your closet, many people just leave it. Over time, your favorite sweater or long-lost necklace could be sitting in a pile of mess! A custom reach-in closet allows you to utilize every square inch of your closet. It also forces you to do a closet cleanse so that everything you own is something you like and will wear!

Accommodate Your Unique Needs

Reach-in closets are pretty standard. You open the door, and there’s a rod, shelf and light. Woodhaven can help you make the most of a reach-in closet with a personalized custom closet solution that considers every square inch of your storage area—for a cost that’s well within reach. The best part is that you can hand pick what you want to go in your closet, accommodating your unique needs. This is especially helpful if you plan to use one of your closets to store games, puzzles, arts and crafts or toys instead of traditional clothes.

Are you ready to remodel your closet? Contact Woodhaven to turn your cluttered space into a neat and organized space. The benefits extend far beyond having a clean closet. You can also enjoy easier mornings, less headache, a more accessible wardrobe and even cost savings from not having to buy the same thing twice!

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