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Types Of Cabinets Every Kitchen Must Have

Posted June 29, 2022

Good storage goes beyond having an abundance of cabinets. You must also have different sized cabinets with various functions to maximize efficiency. In addition to having plenty of storage, you also need to leave ample space for preparing meals and moving around the kitchen with ease, especially when entertaining.

To help you fulfill your vision, here are the types of kitchen cabinets we recommend for our clients’ renovation projects.

Base Pull-Out

Base pull-outs were first introduced as an option for a mini pantry, but they’ve come a long way over the years. These cabinets can store all types of things, including spices, knives, utensils and pantry items. Many customers ask for these to be installed next to their stove.

Tilt Out Tray

A tilt out tray makes use of a fake drawer front. It’s small and sleek, perfect for keeping sponges, Brillo pads and other cleaning supplies within reach.

Tray Divider

Also known as vertical dividers, tray dividers are useful for storing large flat objects like cookie sheets and cutting boards. While they’re more commonly found next to the stove, you can also install them over your fridge.

Double Trash Pull-Out

Visible trash cans are definitely out of style. While you can toss your trash can under the sink, a better use of space is to install a double trash pull-out. This will conceal your kitchen trash cans while offering plenty of space for both waste and recycling.

Base Super Susan

We recommend installing a Super Susan in the corner cabinet because it turns dead space into efficient space! Super Susans have two independent shelves and can spin around, making it great for pots and pans and other kitchen items.

Drawer Storage

Drawer cabinets are exactly as they sound - large drawers that can store the same items as cabinets. We love these cabinets because they're flexible, versatile and attractive. Simply pull out the drawer and everything comes to you - snacks, dishes, cooking utensils, etc.

Roll-Out Shelves for Pantries

Whether your home lacks a traditional pantry, or you’re looking for more storage space, a roll-out pantry is the perfect solution. Clients love that they get everything in a single view and have plenty of space for hard-to-store canned, dry and jarred foods.

Utensil Pull-Out Drawers

Utensil drawers hold all your utensils - silverware, cooking gadgets, salad tongs, etc. As useful as these drawers are, people tend to complain about how messy they get! Woodhaven can design a utensil pull-out drawer that meets your needs. Forget little drawers - we can design you something wide and generous with built-in organizers.

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When you work with Woodhaven for a brand new custom kitchen, the possibilities for storage options are endless. You can outfit your kitchen with whatever you desire while choosing the finishing touches like hardware, flooring and countertops. To discuss your vision for a kitchen remodel, contact Woodhaven today.

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