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Blog | Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Designing Closets

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Designing Closets

Posted October 30, 2020

If you thought organizing a closet was hard, designing one can be even more difficult! To avoid problems and mistakes with your custom closet, it’s best to do your research and work with a trusted closet design expert like Woodhaven. After all, closet design is a niche business and not something the average builder does.

Below are the top five mistakes people make when designing custom closets. You can learn from them and save yourself time, money and headache in the long run!

1. Not getting a 3D picture.

With today’s technology, there’s no excuse to start your closet project without being fully aware of what it will look like. And no, a hand-sketched drawing isn’t enough.

Woodhaven will come to your home, take measurements and create a computer-generated 3D rendering based on your preferences. This way, you can see what your closet will look like and how it will function. If there are things you want changed, we can implement the changes at this time.

Bottom line: Always have a full picture of what you are getting.

2. Having dead space above the top shelf.

Dead space is the space above the top shelf. If it’s more than 24 inches, you’ve made a mistake. However, it’s a common blunder that we find in some of the most expensive New Jersey homes.

The problem with dead space is that it’s available space you can’t use. Sure, you can pile a few things up there, but they’ll eventually topple over or get pushed back. Our suggestions: Look at your imaging to make sure this space is being utilized.

3. Forgetting about the lighting.

A good closet designer won’t forget about the lighting. After all, how are you supposed to see your wardrobe and get dressed if your closet is dark?

While you can spend a ton of money on a high-tech lighting system, it’s not necessary. Talk to your closet designer about your options for lighting, such as rechargeable LED motion-activated lights, recessed puck lighting or ribbon lighting.

4. Going with a fixated system instead of an adjustable one.

Remember when we said that closet design is a niche business? Most people who offer these services simply install closet systems made from pre-cut boards of wood or fiberboard. While this may look fine at first, it’s not leaving you with the custom closet you’re paying for.

When choosing a custom closet builder, make sure you go with someone who can give you a flexible, adjustable closet system. This way, you can change and rearrange the system over time to meet your needs.

5. Creating a closet that is not specific to your wardrobe.

Clothes are clothes, right? Well, not exactly. Clothes have different styles, lengths, storage recommendations, etc. You must also account for your shoes and accessories.

Always consider the clothes you’re looking to store in your closet so that you can choose a design that accommodates them. Sweaters benefit from deep shelves, dresses can be easily hung and hats, scarves and ties are most accessible on a hook board.

Woodhaven is an Expert in Closet Design and Installation

Woodhaven is pleased to offer custom closet solutions for our customers. We recently acquired HF Closet Systems to offer personalized storage solutions that incorporate a wide range of styles, finishes and accessories. Contact us today to schedule a design consultation.

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