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Blog | The Importance of Choosing Aesthetically Pleasing Patio Doors

The Importance of Choosing Aesthetically Pleasing Patio Doors

Posted September 09, 2021

Patio doors play an important role in how your home looks, feels and functions. When you’re sitting inside, these doors extend your home’s living space by connecting the indoors to the outdoors. This is perfect if your patio doors lead to a deck where you like to grill and relax. Sliding doors also fill the home with natural light and fresh air.

When you consider what patio doors can do for a home, it’s no wonder why there are so many styles and configurations to choose from! Let's discuss the various types of patio doors  and the latest trends to have your eye on.

Know Your Type

When choosing a patio door for your home, it’s helpful to know what styles are available. Here are the most common:

  • Sliding patio doors typically consist of one stationary panel and one sliding panel. They’re some of the most popular doors because of their function, security and affordability. Plus, they don’t take up much space and still manage to provide exceptional views.
  • Swinging patio doors, also known as French doors, are hinged on both sides of the frame. They’re durable, easy to install and provide a timeless look and feel.
  • Folding patio doors are a great option when you need a wide opening. They’re simple, elegant and offer excellent function and beauty.

Trends to Consider

When you know what type of patio door you want, you can then decide on the smaller details like the color of the frame and the size of the panels. Here are some tips for helping you choose aesthetically pleasing patio doors that will make you the envy of the neighborhood!

  • Black frames. If you plan on upgrading to black frames, start with your patio doors. Black frames really pop on both the interior and exterior and accommodate both farmhouse and contemporary styles.
  • Glass walls. Want an open, airy look? Glass wall systems feature patio doors that stretch from ceiling to floor. They might look bigger, but they take up no extra space.
  • Clean lines. We find that homeowners are opting for clean lines because this maximizes the views from the inside to the outside. Imagine the beautiful visual glass doors can provide throughout the seasons!
  • Energy efficiency. We always tell clients to keep energy efficiency in mind. As the largest glass surface in the home, it’s important that your patio doors are efficient and have the capacity to keep your home comfortable.

Shopping around for the perfect patio doors? Woodhaven has a great selection of patio doors for your next project. Contact us today to learn about the brands, styles, colors, materials and hardware that will bring your new doors to life.

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