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Woodhaven’s truss design and manufacturing prowess featured in SBC Magazine.

Posted March 12, 2015

Woodhaven’s truss design and manufacturing prowess featured in SBC Magazine.

Over the years, Woodhaven Lumber has built a reputation as a truss manufacturer that can accomplish unusual designs that work in the real world for customers and installers. “We do a lot of crazy designs, but we try to take a systematic approach by looking at what they’re trying to accomplish,” said Keith Myers, Truss and Panel General Manager at Woodhaven Lumber. “We work with the architect and engineer and try to make it a simpler install for the builder.”

Naturally, the more complicated and intricate a design, the more time required, but Woodhaven has found that investing the time upfront can lead to better projects
and happy customers. “We cater to the smaller guys that require additional attention,” said Myers.

By taking the time and giving customers that extra attention, Woodhaven can offer something different than simple truss design. Jesus Betanzos, Truss Designer at Woodhaven, said he likes to tell customers, “You’d be surprised what we can do with wood.” Of course, customers can turn the tables and offer some surprises of their own, or as Betanzos puts it, “They always add a twist.”

Read the full article here.

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