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Kitchen Remodel Tips

Posted June 16, 2022

The Kitchen Remodel Tips

The kitchen is the most important room in your home. It is where meals are created to fuel minds, bodies, and souls. It is where your family gets together to create memories and the place where your kids learn healthy eating habits. With the pandemic under control, people are back to renovating homes and kitchens with great fervor. The median spend for major and minor kitchen remodels increased by 14%, and 25% YoY in 2021.

An emphasis on storage, technology upgrades, nature-inspired accents, and fixtures, and most importantly increased functionality continue to remain in trend in kitchen renovations


Whether you choose natural wood cabinets for that rustic charm, or beadboard detailing, kitchen cabinets provide the aesthetic appeal and high functionality to your kitchens. Get end-to-end custom-made cabinets of a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, to complement your storage needs. Make sure you understand the budget, timeline, and expertise required to install the ideal cabinet solution. Consider cabinet models that help create more space in your kitchen.

  • 64% of homeowners opt for Shaker-style cabinets in their remodels
  • More owners are opting for unpainted cabinets now.


Sustainability and hygiene factors matter the most when choosing kitchen countertops. If you cook extensively, you need more countertop space and more so between the sink and the range. Consider 2 different countertop heights to make baking easier.

  • 9 out of 10 homeowners upgrade countertops in kitchen remodeling.
  • Engineered quartz and granite are the most popular materials for countertops


An aesthetically pleasing kitchen window is necessary to complete your project. The kitchen is the place where a lot of cooking and dishwashing happens, making the room humid. The right window can control the airflow into the kitchen, and also bring in plenty of natural light.

  • Sliding windows can be great above the kitchen sink and counters to improve ventilation
  • 28% of homeowners upgraded windows in 2021 kitchen remodels


Newest technological advancements provide some alternatives to traditional cooking methods. They can help steer your family toward a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Avoid choosing the appliances last. You would find it easier to fit in dishwashers or refrigerators if you choose them first, and then select the countertops and cabinets.

  • 26% of homeowners prefer appliances with features like wireless and smartphone controls
  • Sustainability is the mantra right now, and in-built vacuum sealers help keep food fresh and healthy for the longest time.


Why leave out the flooring while you get down to completing the kitchen overhaul? Kitchens are regularly exposed to moisture and a lot of foot traffic. Choose materials that are sturdy, water-resistant, and practical. Especially, if you have kids and pets. That doesn’t mean you get to be boring. Choose luxurious woods, or beautiful patterns to attract those compliments from visitors.

  • 64% of homeowners upgraded flooring during kitchen renovations in 2021
  • 23% of them picked stained or unstained hardwood, and 19% opted for vinyl

Spruce Up Your Kitchens to Bring in Joy and Warmth

Kitchens are what make our homes a space to live and laugh. Food is the essence of everything we do. It is not a surprise that homeowners are splurging on specific features, and making major changes to systems, walls, and layouts through licensed home professionals.


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