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Blog | Key Factors to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Key Factors to Consider When Planning a Kitchen Remodel

Posted June 20, 2020

There’s a reason why kitchens sell homes. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, the place where people socialize, entertain, cook and eat. This is why this room can immediately turn potential homebuyers on or off. Buyers are more willing to overlook an outdated powder room or bedroom because it can be easily and inexpensively changed down the road. But the kitchen? Well, that’s the hub of activity and it needs to be just perfect.

If you’re planning a brand new kitchen remodel, here are the key factors to take into consideration - even on a tight budget.

Establish a Reasonable Budget

People often experience sticker shock when they see how much a home remodel costs. Average kitchen remodeling prices in the U.S. are between $13,000 and $35,000. To help you create a realistic budget, we recommend doing your research. Here is an example of how things break down, according to average estimates:

  1. Kitchen cabinets: 35%
  2. Labor: 20%
  3. Appliances: 20%
  4. Windows: 10%
  5. Fixtures: 5%
  6. Fittings: 3%
  7. Other: 7%

Of course, these are just average numbers, but they can help you divide your budget accordingly. Don’t forget that you’ll need some budget set aside for unexpected expenses like old wiring or plumbing.

Research Your Ideas

Once you know how much you want to spend on your kitchen remodel, you can start making a list of your wants and needs. Find some kitchen remodeling inspiration online where you can look through the different colors, styles and layouts that suit your taste. Compare these to your budget to see what’s reasonable and what’s not. Try not to skimp on quality materials, as you want your kitchen to last for years and increase your home’s value.

Plan Your Layout

There are many different kitchen layouts, so consider the ones that will meet your family’s needs. Most people still utilize the kitchen work triangle, which arranges the stove, fridge and sink in a triangular pattern for efficient cooking and cleaning. But there are other layouts you can follow to maximize your remodeled space, such as an island kitchen or peninsula kitchen layout.

Hire a Professional

The last step is to work with a reputable designer and company that can bring your vision to life. Obtain several quotes so that you can compare prices, portfolios and timeframes. If one quote is unusually low, this is a red flag. You don’t want to choose a company that’s going to cut corners. Also, be sure to check out the online reviews and website testimonials for each company, as well as any other virtual tools that can help you plan.

Today’s homeowners have the ability to do their research online and hire experienced professionals. For a free estimate on your kitchen remodel, contact Woodhaven today. We have a diverse portfolio, experienced design and installation professionals and a variety of brands and styles to suit any taste and budget!

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