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How to Prep for Your New Window Installation

Posted March 27, 2020

How do you decide when it’s time to replace your old windows? Usually, we recommend taking this step when your existing windows are difficult to open, burdensome to clean and have condensation. If you’re still unsure, you can get a quote for window repair. If your windows aren’t worth repairing, you know for sure that it’s time for replacement windows.

Luckily, homeowners are always pleasantly surprised by the difference new windows make. This isn’t just a way to enhance your curb appeal. Modern Andersen windows provide easy cleaning, smooth operation and excellent energy savings. To ensure the best experience and results, here are some ways to prep for your new window installation.

Schedule a convenient time.

Window replacement comes with some chaos and inconvenience. However, there are ways to reduce the impact this job has on your daily routine. For example, you can take off work or work from home, send the kids to grandma’s house and board your dog at the veterinarian. While not ideal, these decisions will make the installation process go smoother. Something important to note too is if you have an alarm system you will need to contact the provider to remove and disconnect the sensors and then reconnect after the installation is complete.

Clear a path for the contractors.

An easy way to help your contractors is by clearing a path for them. Remove furniture, area rugs, accent tables, etc. that are located along the route to the windows. Also, walk around the outside of your home and make sure there is ample space for ladders, scaffolding and lifts. Other items to remove include your patio furniture, trash cans, toys, landscape features and potted plants.

Remove window treatments and other obstructions.

Take down all window treatments, including curtains, draperies, shades, blinds, etc. It’s also a good idea to remove wall hangings, artwork and picture frames. Window installations create a lot of commotion, and you don’t want your beloved family photos to come crashing to the floor!

Plan for storage of your belongings.

This is only necessary for big projects only, such as if you’re getting all windows in the home replaced. To protect your belongings, move furniture and other items to the garage or basement. You can also rent a portable storage container that sits on your driveway. Call ahead so that you can get the best rates.

Protect your furniture.

Replacing windows is a messy job. It’s important to provide protection for your furniture and possessions. At Woodhaven, we work diligently to protect our customers’ homes, and we do put down a drop cloth to minimize the mess. However, we recommend covering delicate items like beds, couches and even bathtubs where workers may have to step.


When you plan ahead for window installation, it makes things easier on the crew – and ultimately you, the homeowner! The good news is that hiring a qualified window installation team means that you only have to prep the home. All manual labor and cleanup will be done by the team.

To learn more about installing new energy-efficient windows in your home, contact Woodhaven today. We are Certified Contractors of Andersen Windows and Doors.

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