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How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

Posted November 14, 2019

How to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Larger

If you don’t have the luxury of adding more square footage to your bathroom, you must be creative with the space you have available. While you may not be able to grow your space physically, you can grow it visually. This will allow you to get more use out of your bathroom while adding value to the home.

Below you’ll find some helpful tips on how to make a small bathroom appear larger.

Choose a Floating Vanity

Floating bathroom vanities are bathroom cabinets that are mounted to the wall. They do not extend all the way to the floor, creating the illusion of more space. These vanities have become incredibly popular in recent years because of their clean and modern look. Not only will a floating vanity give your bathroom a bright and airy feel, but also they make cleaning easier!

Maximize Vertical Space

Get things off the floor and use your wall space instead. For example, you can install wall cabinetry in between dual sinks. This provides you with ample storage space while keeping the sight line clean and uncluttered. Decorative shelving is also a great option for neatly storing towels, toilet paper and other bathroom accessories.

Expand the Ceiling

Create the illusion of a raised ceiling by installing crown molding. You can paint this the same color as the ceiling or use an accent color. When choosing a width, pay attention to the size of your bathroom and the height of the ceilings. A small bathroom with low ceilings will look best with 2- to 4-inch-wide molding. For high ceilings, you can go up to 6 inches wide.

Select a Light Colored Floor

A light flooring color will make the space feel large and breathable. Luxury vinyl and laminate flooring in NJ are great options for bathrooms because they are durable and easy to keep clean. Plus, these flooring options give you the flexibility to position the pieces vertically to visually stretch the walls apart.

Create Long Lines

If you have a bathroom that is oddly shaped, draw the eyes to the longest wall. There are different ways to do this, but we recommend a stylish chair rail. Woodhaven Lumber and Millwork offers custom millwork in NJ to fit buyer wants and needs. A chair rail also allows you to bring in more than one color and protect your walls from wear and tear.

Aim for Natural Light

Don’t be shy - leave your bathroom windows open. Natural lighting brightens any space. For privacy, cover the windows with a translucent window shade or tone-on-tone stained glass. This allows you to have your privacy while letting in the natural sunlight.


You might be frustrated by a small bathroom, especially if you don’t have the flexibility to expand it. However, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make your space appear larger. The improvements listed above will allow you to create a bathroom that appears bigger and functions better.

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