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How is Coretec Flooring Made?

Posted June 05, 2021

How is Coretec Flooring Made?

Here at Woodhaven, we are huge fans of COREtec flooring. This luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is manufactured as planks or tiles that can be laid down in a tile-like manner. The end result is high-quality flooring that looks like the real thing but is more durable and waterproof.

To help our customers understand why we recommend COREtec flooring and why it’s so popular, let’s cover how this type of flooring is made.

Brief History of How COREtec Floors Came to Be

Believe it or not, COREtec flooring was first created in the spare bedroom of Piet Dossche in 2001. Dossche believed he could make a better floor than what his competitors were producing using a four-layer construction that would be 100% waterproof.

In 2012, USFloors launched COREtec as its first venture into the LVT flooring category. This type of flooring was beginning to grow in popularity at the time thanks to its beauty and durability. And the rest, as they say, is history. Ever since its launching, COREtec has been associated with style, durability and innovation.

Why COREtec: Sandwich Construction and Waterproof

There are many reasons why we recommend COREtec luxury vinyl tile flooring to our customers, but the most important reasons are durability and elegance. You can get a realistic-looking hardwood floor but with the strength and water resistance of laminate or vinyl.

The proprietary sandwich construction includes four layers:

  • The top layer is the wear-layer that features a decorative image
  • A middle layer for support
  • An extruded composite made from wood plastic or stone plastic
  • The bottom layer is an underlayment made from various materials

Thanks to this solid construction, COREtec floors are extremely rigid and durable. The extruded core technology also makes these floors waterproof. Also, the floors will not expand or contract, avoiding the peaks and gaps that are so common with other types of flooring.

Shop for COREtec Flooring Today

Woodhaven highly recommends luxury vinyl tile like COREtec. You get the look and feel of nature’s best materials but without the high price tag. Not to mention, LVT is scratch resistant, water resistant and durable. There are many colors and plank sizes available, and you can mix and match to get a truly unique floor. To get a free estimate on COREtec flooring for your home, contact Woodhaven today.

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