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Blog | Considerations to Make When Installing New Cabinets

Considerations to Make When Installing New Cabinets

Posted December 17, 2020

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen renovation. In an average kitchen, roughly 25-30 feet are devoted to the cabinets. This is more than anything else! Because cabinets play such an integral role in the appearance and function of your kitchen, you’ll want to give them special attention.

Let’s look at the considerations to make when installing new kitchen cabinets in your home.

Types of Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are available in three main types of construction. There is no right or wrong decision. It all comes down to your budget and preferences.

  • Stock cabinets are mass produced and sold at most home improvement stores. They’re often pre-assembled and ready for installation, though delivery takes a few weeks. The downside is that the colors, materials and styles tend to be limited, but this also makes them the least expensive option.

  • Semi-custom cabinets are stock cabinets that allow you to personalize certain features. For example, you can change the dimensions of the cabinets or choose a different finish for them. Semi-custom cabinets are more expensive because of this, and delivery takes longer, usually around 4 to 8 weeks.

  • Custom cabinets are the most expensive but they also allow for endless possibilities. These cabinets are built to your exact size and specifications and can even include high-end touches like coffee stations, crown moulding and glass doors.

Cabinet Size

Think about what you’ll be storing in your cabinets - dishes, platters, glasses, pots and pans, etc. Make sure your cabinets offer the height, width and depth you’re looking for. Cabinets tend to come in standard sizes, so if you want something different, you may have to go semi or custom.

Framed vs Frameless

Cabinets are often described as being framed or frameless. Framed cabinets are those with a box and face frame, while frameless cabinets have cabinet boxes where the doors and drawers attach. Framed cabinets are most popular here in the US and allow for quick installation, whereas frameless cabinets are more common in Europe.


Always consider the quality of the cabinets you’re buying because they do vary. We recommend choosing solid wood cabinets that have wood dovetail drawers with soft close tracks. All the cabinet doors should be easy to open and soft to close, and the shelves should be sturdy and able to hold the weight of glassware and cookware.


Set a realistic budget from the get go. If you’re investing in your dream kitchen, you can splurge. But if you’re just doing a quick refresh before you sell, it’s best to make budget conscious decisions. Personal touches are certainly fun, but we always recommend making quality your top priority.

Shop for Kitchen Cabinets at Woodhaven

When you work with a trusted kitchen design and supply company like Woodhaven, all of the above factors are addressed in detail. We carry a wide range of your top brands and styles, along with decorative hardware and the latest amenities. Contact us today to learn more about the cabinetry that will enhance your kitchen remodel.

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