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Blog | A Typical Kitchen Installation Timeline and What to Expect

A Typical Kitchen Installation Timeline and What to Expect

Posted August 03, 2020

A full kitchen remodel is not a simple project that happens overnight. It takes several months to plan and complete the project, and you must leave some wiggle room for unexpected problems. If you’re worried about how long your kitchen will be out of commission, you’re not alone. This is one of the most common questions our clients ask!

Below we share what the timeline looks like for a typical kitchen design and installation. Be aware that this is just an average kitchen - your project may take more or less time depending on what’s being done.

Before the Project (1-2 months)

Planning makes perfect! In the initial weeks, you’ll collaborate with your kitchen design consultant. It’s important to be clear about your vision and expectations, as this will help the kitchen designer create a floorplan that will meet your family’s wants and lifestyle needs.

At Woodhaven, our kitchen designers will spend time discussing the features you want and how you expect your kitchen to function on a day-to-day basis. We’ll take measurements, get estimates on our products and do a rough sketch. Plus, we educate our clients on warranties and product care - you’ll want to know how to clean and maintain your new kitchen!

If you want to see our products and brands firsthand, stop into one of our showrooms. We have over 10,000 square feet of space that features the latest cabinets, flooring and design ideas. See how colors can be mixed, which materials you like best and other ideas like oversized islands and wet bars.

Remodeling Begins (7-10 weeks, depending on the manufacturer)

Keep in mind, it can even take up to 10 weeks just to get the cabinets from the manufacture, but now the project kicks into full gear. Below is a breakdown of what to expect. We’ve included all of the steps in the process so that you know what to consider and account for. Please note that Woodhaven does not offer all of the below services. We handle the cabinets, countertops, and flooring (re-ordered) only.

  • Demolition and electrical layout (3-4 days). This is a noisy and dusty process that prepares you for the remodel. All cabinets, countertops and flooring are removed. Also, leave 1-2 days to run new electric. This will be necessary if you plan on moving appliances or have old electric.

  • Flooring and cabinets (3-10 days). Based on your kitchen design, Woodhaven will begin installing flooring and cabinets. Some floors are best installed before the cabinets, while others are best installed after. You’ll see things start coming together in this phase which is plenty of fun!

  • Countertop installation (10 days-2 weeks). Once the cabinets are installed, a template is made for the countertops. They are then manufactured and delivered. Woodhaven has a wide selection of luxurious countertop materials like granite, quartz and Corian.

  • Plumbing and appliances (1-2 days). With everything in place, anticipate a day or two to install and hook up appliances. Depending on where you order your appliances from, delivery and setup should be included.

  • Finishing touches. At this point, you can hire a contractor to make the finishing touches such as a tile backsplash, painting and lighting.

A kitchen remodel is a long process, but everyone agrees it’s worth the time and money! Within a few short months, you’ll have a brand new kitchen to enjoy that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle. For a free, detailed estimate on your new kitchen remodel, contact Woodhaven today.

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