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5 Ways to Include Natural Elements in Your Home

Posted November 14, 2019

5 Ways to Include Natural Elements in Your Home

Homeowners find natural and organic elements to be appealing, as they help people feel calm and at peace. There’s also something to be said about sitting in the comfort of your home while feeling connected to nature. Some of us are lucky enough to have homes that are surrounded by mature trees and rolling hills. Others need to be more creative at building a natural environment.

If you are thinking about ways to bring natural elements into your home, here are five inspiring ideas to help you reach your goals.

1. Bring wood into your interiors.

Incorporating wood into your space is one of the easiest ways to make your home feel warm and inviting. Wood is available in various finishes, species and grain patterns, with no two pieces looking the same. Some people prefer smooth grain patterns while others appreciate the imperfections found in knotty woods. From wooden ceiling beams to hardwood flooring in NJ, the possibilities for hardwood accents are endless.

2. Choose natural stone countertops.

Another way to bring organic elements into your home is by choosing natural stone countertops. Imagine walking into your kitchen and having gorgeous natural stone surfaces to prepare foods on, such as quartz or earth-friendly granite countertops in NJ. If you’re concerned about caring for your stone counters, consider engineered stone, which comes in a variety of bold colors. It looks like the real thing but is tough and easy to clean.

3. Pick eco-friendly cabinet doors.

Whether you choose to replace all of your cabinets, eco-friendly materials should be a top priority. These materials include renewable resources and salvaged wood. Most eco-friendly surfaces are formaldehyde free and carry various seals to ensure air quality, environmental stewardship and more[JW2] . Additionally, our cabinets meet and exceed EPA standards.

4. Install sustainable flooring.

Sustainable flooring like hardwood is a great way to keep your home looking natural. Hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and have low VOCs, promoting a healthy home with good indoor air quality. This is why we recommend this flooring option to families with allergies or asthma. Plus, hardwood can be refinished, keeping waste out of the landfills.

5. Draw in natural sunlight with Andersen® Windows.

Natural sunlight is one of the cheapest and easiest design elements. Natural daylighting can make spaces appear larger and cause colors to pop. To ensure the best lighting, it’s important to have the highest quality windows such as Andersen Windows in NJ. With new window installation, your home will feel bright and healthy.

Start your next home project with Woodhaven Lumber and Millwork. We have beautiful hardwood selections as well as natural stone countertops that offer the look of nature without the high cost and much more.

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