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5 Things Builders would like Homeowners to know about the Home Building Process

Posted December 05, 2022

5 Things Builders would like Homeowners to know about the Home Building Process

Custom home building is often a misunderstood process. It’s not just about picking your floor plan and finishes. It also involves hiring a contractor, finding the perfect space to build, specifying a budget, designing the home and so forth. And yes, there’s a lot of planning and patience in the meantime. Remind yourself that it will all be worth it in the end!

To ensure a positive home building experience, it’s important to have realistic expectations and good communication with your home builder. Here are five things to know about building a custom home in the post-COVID era.

1. Patience is Key - Custom Homes Can Take 2+ Years!

Spec homes are built quickly, with the assumption that they will sell easily. Plus, everything is done in advance - the sites are pre-selected, the floorplans modeled and the features chosen. Custom homes are completely different.

Since you are hand selecting every feature, you have to start from scratch. This allows you to build a truly custom masterpiece that fits your needs and lifestyle. On average, expect the whole custom home building process to take about 2 years. Plan 3 to 6 months for the design phase and 12 to 24 months for the construction phase.

2. Supply Chain Delays Happen

Supply chain delays are not uncommon, especially now with so many product shortages. There’s a lack of lumber, cabinetry and electrical transformer equipment. These product shortages are due to a number of factors, including increased consumer demand, labor issues, inflation and manufacturing delays.

In fact, more than 90 percent of builders are reporting shortages of appliances, framing lumber and oriented strand boards. These shortages are expected to last through 2022 and beyond. Our best advice is to prepare for delays and be flexible with other choices and alternatives.

3. Prices Continue to Increase

Working in an unstable market means that product shortages and price increases are to be expected. Contractors are paying top dollar for labor, and in some markets, there aren’t enough workers to go around. And since the cost of supplies is increasing, this means more out of pocket for the builder and less profit.

Therefore, tradespeople must raise their prices to stay afloat. Be prepared to pay more for materials and labor. Fortunately, a good home builder will keep on top of lumber changes and do their best to manage costs.

4. Last-Minute Changes Can Crush Your Timeline

No one likes last-minute changes, especially when building a home, but they happen. It’s better to be prepared so that you can handle them with patience and grace. After all, you don’t want your builder taking any shortcuts just to meet your timeline!

Additionally, your own last-minute requests can throw off the timeline as well. For example, adding a second sink in the master bathroom might not sound like a big deal, but it still involves more labor and supplies.

5. Be Flexible and Available

While your home is being built, it’s important to be available. If your contractor has questions, they should be able to get in contact with you. When you answer questions quickly, the work can stay on track. It’s equally important to be flexible. For example, if your contractor can’t source a certain material, they may suggest that you choose something else. As long as corners aren’t being cut, it’s best to be flexible about your options.

Premium Finishes for Your Custom Home

Knowing these five things during the home building phase can help you develop more realistic expectations for the home building experience. While there are some highs and lows to this process, working with the right home builder ensures the best results. To discuss the home finishes you want to see in your custom home, contact Woodhaven. We have great relationships with our suppliers and carry top brands and premium materials!

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