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3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends You Can Incorporate in Your Kitchen Design

Posted May 20, 2023

3 Kitchen Cabinet Trends You Can Incorporate in Your Kitchen Design

Ready to spice up your kitchen this year? By incorporating some of the latest cabinet trends into your remodel, you can have a kitchen that's not only easy on the eyes but also adds value to your home.

Here are three kitchen cabinet trends we’re seeing clients incorporate into their kitchen design. Could one be right for you? Let us know and we’ll provide you with a free in-home estimate!

1. Two-Tone Cabinets>

Two-tone cabinets are a hot design trend - and for good reason. They create visual interest and can make a small kitchen appear larger. Better yet, this is an inexpensive update that gives your kitchen a new look and feel without any major remodeling.

Black and white are a classic combination, but others to consider are blue and white, gray and white and green and white. Darker colors are also coming back, so think about deeper shades of blue and green if you go this route. The goal is to create a beautiful workspace without the cabinets blending into the background.

2. Special Hardware

Unique kitchen cabinetry hardware is a great way to personalize your cabinets. Old fashioned handles in copper or gold make a statement, as do modern geometric knobs and drawer pulls. Of course, the most popular trend continues to be slim, sleek bar pulls, whether tubular or square. They are flexible, sturdy and available in numerous colors and design choices.

Black is the hottest color trend for 2023, and it looks especially great on clean, white cabinets. Black hardware is an instant way to update your cabinets whether you choose knobs, pulls or a blend of both. Satin and matte finishes offer an elevated appearance, and you can tie this look into the rest of the home by replacing the faucet and door handles as well.

3. Lower Kitchen Drawers

Need more storage? Modern kitchens are getting an upgrade in the form of large lower drawers. These drawers glide in and out easily, and they can store a ton of stuff such as large pots and pans and small appliances, which are generally awkward for standard cabinets.

Instead of having to bend down and dig through cabinets, people love that they can pull out a drawer and access everything they need. Plus, extra large cabinet hardware is the icing on the cake in any kitchen, so don’t skimp on this! It’s a true must-have when you have large drawers like these!

If you plan on redoing your kitchen cabinets, be sure to keep these trends in mind. This is the time to take advantage of the latest design trends while also making your kitchen distinct from everyone else’s on the block! Contact Woodhaven for a free estimate on a kitchen remodel!

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