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3 Budget-Friendly Tips for a Patio Makeover

Posted July 28, 2022

Looking to complete a patio makeover? Summer is a great time to take on this project. The weather is more cooperative, and you’ll have the rest of the summer and early fall to enjoy your outdoor space. To ensure the best results, it’s important to have a plan.

For example, how big do you want your patio to be? Are there certain features you want to see? What do you want your new patio doors to look like? Below you’ll find three budget-friendly tips for making over your patio this season.

1. Invest in New Sliding Patio Doors

Once the concrete is poured or the pavers are set, you can start dreaming of your new patio! But your patio also depends on other nearby features, such as your patio doors. This is why you’ll want to consider updating your doors when you give your patio a makeover.

Imagine having beautiful sliding glass doors that provide a perfect transition from your patio to your kitchen, and vice versa. And, these new doors will make entertaining a breeze! Plus, they’ll bring more natural sunlight into your home , along with added comfort, beauty and efficiency.

2. …Or Upgrade to a New Exterior Door

Another way to enhance your patio’s aesthetics is by installing a new exterior door, such as French doors. Unlike sliding glass doors that slide open and close, French doors swing open. They let in plenty of sunlight and are easy to operate. People also like that French doors open wide, which is helpful when moving in and out large objects.

When you talk to Woodhaven about your options for exterior patio doors, you’ll find that there are dozens of glass options, frame constructions and security features to choose from. These features can add plenty of value to your exterior door installation project.

3. Switch to Composite PVC Decking

What if you're looking for something other than a concrete patio? It may be time to consider building a deck. Decks offer plenty of space to entertain, and they serve as the focal point of the backyard space. You can hang string lights, add built-in features and enhance your home all in one upgrade!

It’s also important to know that thanks to today’s new materials, you don’t have to maintain a tedious wood deck. Composite and PVC decking naturally resist rotting and deterioration. And, can choose your finish, just as you would choose your deck’s stain color.

These three tips will help you refresh your patio area so that it’s more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re hoping for a new patio door, a new exterior door or an updated deck, contact Woodhaven today.

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